Sugar Mountain NC
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Large 2 Br & 2 Ba Condo
Awesome 100 Mile Views

A Season For Everyone

This is a special time for the Blue Ridge Mountains. The region is well known for its Skiing at Sugar, Beech, and Hawks Nest. The slopes are usually open from Thanksgiving until April.

Holidays take on a special meaning here. A White Christmas and a New Year to remember. It is a great time to try out the new ski equipment and clothing you received for Christmas.

Skiing, Snow Boarding, Ice Skating, all are within minutes of SugarTop.


As the snow begins to melt and the days start getting a little longer, the mountains come to life. The flowers and plants begin a spectacular display of bright colors. It is great time to visit and get away, if only for a few days.

The High Country of North Carolina is not as commercialized as other mountain or beach destinations. Anytime is fine, but Monday through Thursday is an excellent time to visit Grand Father Mountain and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Less people means more time to slow down and enjoy your stay. Sitting in traffic and waiting in long lines at attractions is not my idea of a vacation.



As our friends from Florida know, this area is the perfect place to be at this time of year. Many Visitors from the deep south seek the North Carolina Mountains as a retreat from the Heat.


What can you do here ? Enjoy some of the most beautiful Golf Courses in the world. Boating on Price Lake, Fly Fishing or just taking in the sights and sounds on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Also, in Blowing Rock are many unique shops and restaurants to visit or you could simply enjoy an ice cream cone while sitting on a Park Bench. How about just relaxing and enjoying the Cool Mountain Air.

What needs to be said about this time of year?


The Fall colors are just
amazing and the vistas from the Parkway are incredible.

But, the views from your condo are hard to be matched anywhere.

Sitting on the Large Private Covered Balcony enjoying the display of Fall colors and taking in the Sunset, now we’re talking.


As throughout the entire year, Monday through Thursday is an excellent time to visit. You will feel like you have the Blue Ridge Parkway to yourself.